Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 16)


Neil Armstrong .... the first person walked on the surface of the moon.

  1. must have been
  2. would have been
  3. ought to have been
  4. should have been

Susi asked Jeff, "Did you answer the quiz yesterday?"
Susi asked Jeff ....

  1. did he answer the quiz the day before
  2. whether he answer the quiz yesterday
  3. if did he answered the quiz the day before
  4. if he had answered the quiz the day before

.... the life forms in Mars exist or not still needs a comprehensive research.

  1. Which
  2. Whether
  3. That
  4. As

The scientists found that colored smoke absorbs light, .... a white smoke scatters light.

  1. therefore
  2. whereas
  3. so that
  4. besides

It is important that the nighttime sky at an observatory site .... free from city lights.

  1. is
  2. be
  3. to
  4. that

The fans .... the musician’s performances in line at this time next week.

  1. will wait
  2. will be waiting
  3. will have waited
  4. will have been waiting

.... establish a great new religion, but his revolt against Hindu deeply influenced Hinduism itself.

  1. Buddha only did not
  2. Only Buddha did not
  3. Not only did Buddha
  4. Not only Buddha did