Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 18)


.... that she had planned to arrive today, we could have met her at the bus station.

  1. Were we to know
  2. If we have known
  3. Had we known
  4. If had known

John: "What did you do at this time last Sunday?"
Ryan: ....

  1. I am finishing painting my room.
  2. I was finishing painting my room.
  3. I finished painting my room.
  4. I would finish painting my room.

The man hit the boy fiercely as if he .... his own son.

  1. had been
  2. hadn't been
  3. were
  4. weren't

The man has asked somebody else to keep his girlfriend .... everywhere.

  1. to going
  2. goes
  3. going
  4. go

The government plants to hire some new clerks in July this year and .... next year.

  1. another clerks
  2. some others clerks
  3. some other
  4. some others

The old man is very rich. ...., he is reluctant to donate his money to charity.

  1. Nevertheless
  2. Although
  3. Because
  4. Since

The vice chief of the national police is asking the corruption committee .... the national soldiers as the members of the committee.

  1. accept
  2. be accept
  3. accepts
  4. to accept