Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 20)


To be a rider of moto gp needs not only bravery but also ....

  1. awareness
  2. awarement
  3. awarely
  4. aware

The man's wife still doesn’t understand ....

  1. why her husband kill the old man fiercely
  2. why her husband killing the old man fiercely
  3. why her husband killed the old man fiercely
  4. why did her husband kill the old man fiercely

John will not get success ....

  1. unless he works hard
  2. if he works hard
  3. unless he doesn’t work hard
  4. if he works hard no

John: "Mr. Andrew has five children, ....?"
Martha: “I guess so."

  1. hasn't he
  2. isn't he
  3. does not he
  4. doesn't he

The man thinks that of the two girls he saw yesterday, .... can be made as life couple.

  1. the humbler one
  2. the more humble one
  3. the more humbler one
  4. humbler one

So close .... before realizing that they were chased.

  1. the men had gathered
  2. had the men gather
  3. had the men gathered
  4. did the men gathered

One of the contestants coming from the village located in remote area .... the competition with the highest mark held by the government.

  1. has won
  2. had won
  3. have won
  4. wons