Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 27)


The police are eager to help the .... man to be taken to the hospital.

  1. injure
  2. injured
  3. injuring
  4. injures

Sinta: "I believe that I've locked the door, but it seems it's been open."
Jojo: "I see it. I'm afraid someone .... into it."

  1. may have entered
  2. would have entered
  3. should have entered
  4. must have entered

The higher the demand on the market, ....

  1. the more expensive the price will be.
  2. the most expensive the price will be.
  3. the expensiver the price will be.
  4. the more expensiver the price will be.

Either the audience or the committee .... the contestant's performance.

  1. don't like
  2. doesn't like
  3. is like
  4. like not

Many people, especially the Netherlanders, preferred that the team .... the Iceland, but the reality talks the other side.

  1. be defeat
  2. defeat
  3. to defeat
  4. defeated

Before the president visited Palembang in order to check out the fire, the smoke .... more provinces for days.

  1. has been polluting
  2. has polluted
  3. had polluted
  4. polluted

O.C.K prefer .... having so many questions from the investigators.

  1. being shot than
  2. be shot to
  3. being shot rather than
  4. being shot to