Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 39)


Because of the remakable lyric, sound and compositions, Floyd's the Dark Side of the Moon has become one of the .... albums in the world.

  1. selling best
  2. best selling
  3. selling-best
  4. best-selling

The Coca Cola Company .... in 1886, is still very successful worldwide.

  1. which established
  2. establishing
  3. established
  4. was established

After seeing a firefighter saving his father, Muktar has pledged himself .... a firefighter after graduating from High School.

  1. to become
  2. became
  3. become
  4. becoming

Many bowlers build an arsenal of bowling balls .... keep them prapared for any shot they make.

  1. so as to
  2. since
  3. as
  4. in the term of

On the top shell of Muktar's cabinet .... which he got from winning a golf tournament.

  1. where a gold trophy sits
  2. a gold trophy sits
  3. sits a gold trophy
  4. a gold trophy does sit

The .... dedicated to soup recipes was written in 1882 by Emma Ewing.

  1. American first cooking pamphlet
  2. cooking first American pamphlet
  3. first cooking American pamphlet
  4. first American cooking

It is not easy to visit remote area where .... no public transportation covering it.

  1. it is there that
  2. it is
  3. that is
  4. there is