Soal Structure TOEFL (bagian 6)


Arsenal won against Monaco in European Champions League last February. ___, they couldn’t get through Quarter Final.

  1. However
  2. But
  3. Although
  4. Otherwise

Jane asked Bob, "Will you marry me?"
Jane asked Bob ....

  1. if she married him
  2. whether he would marry her
  3. whether he would have married her
  4. if he married her

The instructor has asked the members of the groups to divide it into three groups. The first will have hiking mode, the second will have water mode, and .... will have land mode.

  1. others
  2. the other
  3. the others
  4. other

When the supervisor came to check his employees, ....

  1. they finishing doing the work
  2. they have finished doing the work
  3. they finishes doing the work
  4. they had finished doing the work

The young mother cannot leave her baby .... alone at home.

  1. stay
  2. staying
  3. stays
  4. stayed

The people around the incident place have gotten the injured victims of accident .... to the hospital.

  1. taking
  2. is taken
  3. took
  4. taken

Although he does the good things, the bad guy is considered being still bad, ....?

  1. isn't He
  2. doesn't He
  3. is He
  4. does He